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Friday, February 27

Doot Doola Doot Doot.. DOOT DOO!

Interviews hinge not only on an artist's ability to answer any question that is thrown to him or her but also the reporter's question selection and background research.

Canada has one of the most entertaining and knowledgeable interviewers, known as Nardwuar the Human Serviette.

I'm not exactly sure how I came across his videos, but he has interviewed everyone from Snoop Dogg to No Age.

His interviews are so unique because he brings gifts to his interviews as well as clearly does a lot of in-depth research on each of his guests, spawning an instant bond between him or her and Nardwuar.

Check out his YouTube Channel here to watch a few.

ps-- Hilary Duff sucks so bad.

Thursday, February 26

why don't you just tweet me, baby

We debuted the last letter game (thanks to everyone who played) and gave away our Mardi Gras beads from last weekend as well a custom audiocandy iPod case to two special listeners whom correctly answered our contest questions! Here's the color coded playlist as always! [key: last letter game other requests]

1. impossible germany, wilco
2. heads will roll, yeah yeah yeahs
3. bag of hammers, thoa and the get down stay down
4. time to pretend, mgmt
5. fake palindromes, andrew bird
6. i love college, asher roth
7. i'll be in the sky, B.o.B.
8. build me up, rhymefest ft. Ol' Dirty Bastard
9. so human, lady SOV
10. ragged wood, fleet foxes
11. courtship dating, crystal castles
12. go slowly, radiohead
13. y control, yeah yeah yeahs
14. last nite, the strokes
15. everything reminds me of her, elliott smith
16. reunion, stars
17. naked as we came, iron and wine
18. electric feel (justice remix), MGMT
19. LDN, lily allen
20. notion, kings of leon
21. new english, ambulance ltd
22. happy valentine's day, outkast
23. you sexy thing, hot chocolate
24. girl not grey, AFI
25. you are the best thing, ray lamontagne
26. you'll find a way, santigold
27. you are a cad, the bird and the bee
28. dance dance dance, lykke li
29. eternal life, jeff buckley
30. each year, ra ra riot


12:30 pm: Congrats to Katie from MassArt for answering the contest question correctly! Q: What does Eminem, The White Stripes and Alice Cooper all have in common? A: All hail from Detroit! She won the custom audiocandy iPod cover knitted by me! (picture below)

12:10 pm: Sam suggests everyone check out Iron & Wine's Naked as We Came video. Here's some easy access:

11:30 am -- 1:07 pm: We're playing the last letter game! First song: Courtship Dating. Next song has to start with a G. Call us or facebook or comment! Now playing: Go Slowly! by Radiohead. Next up must start with a Y! Now playing: Y Control! Next starts with a L. Now playing: The Strokes' Last Nite! Next starts with a E. Now playing: Stars' Reunion! Next starts with a N. Now playing: Iron & Wine's Naked as We Came! Next starts with a E. Now playing: Justice's Remix of MGMT's Electric Feel! Next starts with a L. Now playing: Lily Allen's LDN! Next starts with a N. Now playing: Kings of Leon's Notion! Next starts with a N. Now playing: Ambulance LTD's New English! Next starts with a H. Now playing: Outkast's Happy Valentine's Day! Next starts with a Y. Now playing: Hot Chocolate's You Sexy Thing! Next starts with a G. Now playing: AFI's Girl not grey! Next starts with a Y. Now playing: Ray LaMontagne's You are the best thing! Next starts with a G. Now playing: Santigold's You'll find a way! Next starts with a Y. Now playing: Bird and the Bee's You are a cad! Next starts with a D. Now playing: Lykke Li's Dance Dance Dance! Next starts with a E. We closed out this session of the last letter game with Ra Ra Riot's Each Year. Thanks for playing!

11:29 am: R.I.P. SocrGirl. Keep the spirit going: Do you remember socrgirl? Share your memories by commenting.

11:04 am: Another contest coming up! Prize, a custom knitted audiocandy ipod case to protect against scratching! Question coming up soon.

10:41 am: Habitat for Humanity Fundraiser TONIGHT. You just have to bring this flyer!
2943 Erie Blvd. East, Syracuse, NY

10:32 am: CONTEST QUESTION: Yof posed a blog earlier this week featuring a French artist. Who is that artist? Call us: 315-443-1278 and win Mardi Gras beads we wore last weekend! UPDATE: Alex, calling from London, guessed correctly: Yelle!

10:15 am: Yof scored a leaked copy of the upcoming Yeah Yeah Yeahs album. We're playing "Heads will roll."

10:13 am: Good Morning!

Wednesday, February 25

Who you should know: Nick T.

Unicorns have not been around for quite some time, but that does not mean they have been forgotten.

In some cases, we can still hear them.

I'm referencing the Canadian indie-pop trio The Unicorns, whom assembled in 2000 but only to break up five years later. But, do not discount the mystical creature. Someone, somewhere, probably has claimed that he or she has heard the gallop of the magical horned horse; I'd love to have whatever he or she was taking at the time.

Listeners do not have to dive deep into the indie scene before coming upon work touched by an ex-Unicorns. Former front man Nicholas Thorburn (twitter) stands as the most recognizable of the three just because his voice is so unique and has multiple projects that still produce to this day.

The other two Unicorns, Alden Penner and Jamie Thompson, have either taken to other ventures or kind of disappeared (ironic).

Penner took some time out to score the movie The Hamster Cage as well as start Clues, a band with Brendan Reed (ex-Arcade Fire) and Bethany Or (Shanghai Trida).


Thompson (aka J'aime Tambeur) contributed to Islands, one of Thornburn's current bands, for a bit but has since left the group.

I love Islands. They released their debut album Return to the Sea one year after the Unicorns broke up (2006). Thompson's voice has a strong presence and some songs really ring of a Unicorns sound, but some songs embrace a more twee-pop influence ("Rough Gem," watch the video; it's so cute). Arm's Way, their second release, dropped early last year and contained an arrangement of less pop-y songs.

Jim Guthrie, who also used to be in Islands, recorded an album, Moody Motorcycle, in just a week with Thorburn and released it late in 2008 under the band name Human Highway, after a Neil Young 1978 song. I was first exposed to their magic with the "The Sound" remix on Stereogum's MySpliceIII. Guthrie is now working on solo stuff, and Thorburn is back with Islands, so I feel like Human Highway was probably a short-lived project that the two just worked on during a week-long vacation of sorts.

It seems like Thorburn is just someone you should know of. It's hard to say under what name he might release his upcoming music (he's gone by Nick "Neil" Diamonds and Nick T. in the past).

Never the less, you have always got one safe bet: just listen for his voice.

R.I.P. The Unicorns

Tuesday, February 24