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Friday, April 3

the price to pay for pleasure

I frequent to see if any decent bands are coming to Upstate New York. I am usually disappointed by the lack of acts visiting my local Syracuse area, but relatively close towns and campuses like Rochester, Ithaca and Albany book a pretty solid number of shows every semester.

Today I logged on to the site to see what concert activity was brewing around here (and also be teased by the quality shows scheduled for my hometown metro area of DC and Baltimore).

A new scrolling marquee grabbed my eye, showcasing the average ticket prices for various shows/artists.

Here's a few figures that might aide you in budgeting your monthly concert allowance or just surprise you:

American Idols Live -- $60.68
These people did not win American Idol. Do you really want to pay $60 to see people who didn't make the cut? Apparently so.
Andrew Bird -- $24.22
The Avett Brothers -- $21.33
Bon Iver -- $15.94
Billy Joel -- $104.04
Be thankful if you saw Billy in the Dome for Block Party. Weren't those tickets $10?
Cold War Kids -- $17.20
I'm surprised by this. I feeling they broke into mainstream, which almost always equates to a $10+ price hike in ticket prices.
Crystal Castles -- $21.87
I definitely dig Crystal Castles, but I'm not sure if they're worth almost $25. Prices are probably a little on the pricey side because they've got to pay off those legal fees.
Dr. Dog -- $15.97
Fleet Foxes -- $14.85
Fujiya & Miyagi -- $12.59
Feist -- $35.44
GirlTalk -- $15.88
Hot Chip -- $23.65
Islands -- $14.39
Jay-Z -- $112.01
Faux retirement always means legitimized expensive tickets. Brilliant if you ask me. I hope M.I.A. doesn't do the same.
Jesse McCartney -- $39.37

That is what we're dealing with. Yes, I'm not kidding. $40? I do not think I would pay money to ever see that. Actually, I never ever want to see that ever again. ever.
Jenny Lewis -- $24.44
Kings of Leon -- $37.27
Lykke Li -- $19.02
Little Joy -- $12.02
M83 -- $18.02
MGMT -- $15.88
Mates of State -- $14.31
Matt & Kim -- $10.19
Neko Case -- $25.00
No Age -- $8.42
SO CHEAP FOR SUCH AN AMAZING BAND. My friend Tuan (of Now That's What I Call Music) said that they're incredible live; he has seen them twice. Randy really plays to the crowd too.
of Montreal -- $19.55
Ray LaMontagne -- $36.85
Rodrigo y Gabriela -- $29.49
Ratatat -- $17.76
Ra Ra Riot -- $12.60
Sigur Ros -- $39.10
The Wood Brothers -- $15.07
Yelle -- $18.13

Pollstar says that the average prices are averages of North American ticket sales over the past year and they do not account for extra fees.

Any ticket prices seem off to you? Too high? Too low? Comment.

Thursday, April 2

best show yet

Yofred declared our show this morning as our best one yet. I agree. Tons of listener participation. Thanks!
[key: requests]

1. meet me in the garden, dent may
2. the chosen few, destroyer
3. evangeline, handsome furs
4. til kingdom come, coldplay
5. poker face, lady gaga
6. impossible germany, wilco
7. with arms outstretched, rilo kiley
8. yes we can, obama speech remix,
9. how lucky are we, meiko
10. lost girls, tilly and the wall
11. waiting for my ruca, sublime
>>some of backstreet boys, but that was short lived
12. intergalactic, beastie boys
13. yoshimi battles the pink robots, the flaming lips
14. come on over, sean paul & estelee
15. 93 til infiniti, souls of mischief
16. impression that i get, mighty mighty bosstones
17. baby you can drive my car, the beatles
18. crooked teeth, death cab for cutie
19. southern gangster, ludacris
20. the richest man in babylon, thievery corp
21. super gansta, styles p
22. this love is fucking right!, the pains of being pure at heart
23. don't call me whitney, bobby, islands
24. eraser, no age
25. fresh blood, eels


Thanks to all those that called in and requested songs today. This was probably my favorite show so far because we had plenty visitors in studio (Catherine, SlangBang + friend, Zachary), trivia with a winner finally (thanks Brad Orban), and numerous song requests including one from self-proclaimed "biggest Audiocandy fan" (Josh Shaw). We will continue to make our show as interactive as possible and have our listeners help mold the show into more of a collaborative experience. Audiocandy simply is not your regular/traditional radio show.

show #7

1:01 pm: No Age is playing Saratoga Springs Friday. I really wish that show was next friday. What if they played the audiocandy party? I COULD DIE HAPPY. I am going to contact their people. Try and work some audiocandy magic. I'll keep you updated.

12:58 pm: We had a massive list of requests, but we got through them. Thanks to the listeners for calling in and making requests! We love hearing from you.

12:04 pm: Help us reach 20 listeners! Hype audiocandy to your friends, on your fb or tweet that: I'm listening to AUDIOCANDY & you should too: . We're taking requests too! im werw1570 or 315-443-1278!

11:32 am: Brad Orban won the powerhour dvd! He correctly identified four types of white wine: Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay! Congrats love & thanks for listening to audiocandy!

11:11 am: We loves games. Who does? Do you know of any great games? I swear by Say Anything, Bananagrams and Betrayal at the House on the Hill (aka "The Haunting" by me)!
Have you played before? If you want to play, I am always looking for people to play with! Let me know!


11:03 am: CONTEST, up for grabs: one-of-a-kind powerhour dvd made by me, a mixture of indie, pop, sports and viral video clips. QUESTION: Name 4 types of white wine. CALL US 315-443-1278. or im werw1570!

10:44 am: We're talking about April fools jokes. The Guardian got a lot of people by saying that it has moved to all tweet coverage. Did you get pranked?

10:33 am: Catherine read the new New York magazine. There's an article about Lady Gaga, chalk full of ridicilous quotes from her.
"The biggest misconception about me is that I am not a real person," she says before her radio spot in a robotic, faux-English monotone. "The assumption is my excentricity is not who I really am, but it is." She leans in the clarify things. "I've lost my mind," she says.
Catherine says the issue is overall great. It features stories about New Yorkers who want to pick up and leave the city.

10:32 am: Apparently I am not alone in my sticky situation with people mistaking acting for real romantic feelings.

10:04 am: Starting the day with some Dent May ("Meet me in the garden"). He played in Ithaca about two weeks ago, during our spring break. Anyone go to the show? Comment to let me know what it was like/his crowd/vibe.

10:00 am: Good morning audiocandy lovers! Today it is predicted to be 65 and sunny in Syracuse, perfect quad weather. You know where to find me after our program.

Yof went to NYC to see the Daily Show yesterday. I have yet to talk to him, so I am excited to hear how the show went and who was Jon Stewart's guest.

I slacked a little during show #6 and barely blogged, but I hope to keep up with it today for all our fans that are stuck in class or work.

Catherine will be stopping by to share some witty/outrageous/delightful conversation with me and Yof. As always, audiocandy loves friends and pop-ins. I'm sure Zach, Rah, Sam and maybe Katie will stop by. We'll have to wait and see!

So head to the quad with your laptop, grab a cup of joe and set-up shop on the grass with your volume max-ed out: GET YOUR FIX OF AUDIOCANDY! (keep your cell close to request songs, participate in games and win sick prizes!-- 315.443.1278)

don't worry, be happy

I want to apologize. I have been crucially slacking on the audiocandy updates. I went home directly after the show last week and barely found time to post the playlist.

Things to look forward to:
  • Pato Marjenic audio-- Pato visited the studio last week for an in-house performance and interview. I recored the whole thing and I am in the process of editing it into bite-size pieces for our listerners' pleasure. I'll also have the entire recording available for download.
  • More information about the audiocandy party! We have a date and performers. More details on-air!
  • A sweet new prize. If you follow me on Twitter(@paigedearing), you might have caught how I spent last night and how I think I am going to use the product as a prize for an audiocandy contest. I'm giving it away on today's show, so be sure to tune in.
  • IT'S THURSDAY, so that means BUT ANOTHER AUDIOCANDYSHOW, 10am-1pm (click here to stream live). We're up to seven installments! Only a few more weeks. Get some while you can. I am also in the process of designing/silkscreening t-shirts. Let me know if you're interested.
  • Spread the love: if you're listening, make this your fb/twitter status: I'm listening to AUDIOCANDY & you should too:

Tuesday, March 31

Yofred has been posting a lot of music by Fujiya & Miragi. I was browsing the mash-ups by my favorite team9, whom did Stereogum's MySplices, and they had an mp3 of Fujiya & Mirgai = Fleet Foxes. Enjoy the sum:

Fujiya and Miyagi's Dishwasher + Fleet Foxes' Meadowlark + Elbows' Starlings =

Sunday, March 29

Fujiya & Miragi - Ankle Injuries

How long do you think it took them to make this music video? They probably spent years on it and even more years in preparation by stealing dies from everyone's board games.