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Saturday, April 18

Live-blogging from FUNK

1:52 am: Back at home from the show at Funk. Sat down with Adam after their set and chatted about their upcoming shows in Boston and NYC. Adam did not get to experience MayFest back in his day, but apparently a bar called Conrad's had "split" day where the interior of the bar would be covered in plastic and drinkers would be encouraged to buy beers, shake them up and spray their friends. The end result: leaving the bar around 1 pm, hammered, wringing your beer-soaked clothes out as you walked down M street passing the entry line that wrapped around the complex, according to Adam. Sounds moist and hazardous-- two adjectives we might be using to describe our MayFest this year if rains.

It was great meeting Rish and Matt, and finally putting a voice to a face in Jesse and Adam's cases. Get back to Boston safe and sound! And come back to Syracuse soon!

The Lights Out + audiocandy

1:01 am: Merit is playing. I've only seen their shows at SPARK hyped before, but I've never seen them live. I'm dead tired and contemplating leaving, but the lead singer is really good. Emo, pop-punk sound, but her voice makes it sound much better than the typical man-squeals of emo bands. I kind of think the style she sings in reminds me a bit of Tegan and Sarah, just saturated with pop & emo.

They're signed to Aux Records, the record label the day-long show was for.

12:47 am: Yo. The Lights Out were so good! I think I was most impressed by the vocals. All the members could hold their own and really harmonize, a rare treat. Adam, who we talked to last Thursday, had crazy stage presence and amazing guitar skills. I feel like their sound could appeal to all ages. I dig them and I think my parents would like it too.

You'd like them if you're a fan of: We Are Scientists, newer Weezer, The Hives
{p.s. adam kind of looks like elliott smith. i see it a little bit. yof think it's just the hair.}

I was pretty impressed by The Lights Out. But most of all I was surprised at how young they all looked. It seems like they not that much older than me and Paige. I think they have a lot of potential and if they refined their sound just a little bit they will have the opportunity to earn some national recognition. For a free show I am very impressed and encourage them to keep playing shows, especially local shows at Syracuse where they can receive support from other students.
-- Yofred

Jesse, SU Alum (ID)
L to R: Adam (SU alum, PR), Rish, Matt
Adam & Rish
12:10 am: The Lights Out are starting their sound check. Me and Yof are probably going to go up for the set. So summary afterwards! + audio + photos

12:05 am: Yofred says the crowd makes him want to be scene. Or trendy. He's wearing black so he could go either way.

12:02 am: "I see high schoolers but every once in a while I see middle schoolers." -Yofred

Honor Bright just finished. Amazed by their following (and how young they are). TRL does wonders. Now for Lights Out!

11:56 pm: "You guys are giving us a heck of a going away present." Only one last song: Home is a Heartache. "If you don't know the words, so just make something up."

11:53 pm: They keep making jokes about their hair. At least they have a sense of humor.

I'm so boosted that this show is completely free. Great to see that the Funk boys still are about the community.

Seeing how this band has such energetic crowd, I wonder if there's a big emo scene in Syracuse. I know there used (maybe still is) a solid punk & metal scene. I think Westcott Community Center still holds some metal shows every so often.

11:49 pm: Hey it's Yofred. I was just at a art show on Clarendon but at Funk now listening to Honor Bright. Listening to them reminds me of high school and the emo shows that i used to go to.

11:41 pm: Opened with "Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads." They have quite the following. A lot of people singing along. Apparently they played at Vans Warped Tour last year and have played on TRL.

11:38 pm: "I'm a little sick and I'm going to be away for four months so I want you guys to go buck wild tonight. But I don't want you throwing up waffles on me." --Honor Bright

Kind of like a pop-punk, emo sound. We think it sounds like The Starting Line. Maybe a little Boys Night Out?

I haven't been to one of these types of shows in so long. It feels like high school.

11:30 pm: Yofred and I are here at Funk n Waffles for the Aux Records 5th year Anniversary party. Seems to be a lot of Syracuse folks here--young too. Honor Bright and Lights Out Dancing have some merch tables set up. Pretty good turn out though. We're guessing about 50 people.

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Thursday, April 16

audiocandyparty, re-visited through a camera lens

The audiocandy party was a smashing success. Thanks for everyone who came out. I know it was a hard weekend for some to make it, with Passover and Easter, so here's a little photographic re-cap of the night.

I. "I'm here to hype this shit up."

Fantastic set by Mouth's Cradle (Kevin). Great sound. He would go great with a Camera Obscura set, and/or a bottle of blush wine. His set was so good, he played "Meniscus." TWICE.

p.s. please note his audiocandy hand tattoo
Kevin would do an encore only if the crowd submerged him in a dance party.


II. The lovely Ms. Sarah Aument

It would only be fitting to have Sarah Aument, audiocandy's first musical guest, play live at the party. She brought a band with her this time, a much different sound than her acoustic set she performed for us a month or so ago on-air.
Sarah & Sam
Mike aka Ms
She had a great mix of originals-- upbeat & slow-- as well as a few covers including a medley of Feist songs.

Could she be any more adorable?

III. "You get a XL Labatt, beads, shot glass and VIP access-- a ride home. You want that. Do you know where you are? You're at Redfield. You want that."

Keeping in the audiocandy spirit, audiocandy gave away prizes between sets to guests that could correctly answer trivia questions.

We had two questions and two winners.
Q: Name one person in Broken Social Scene.
A: Feist.
Winner #1
Q: Name one artist signed to Saddle Creek Records.
A: Cursive.
[no picture of Winner #2]

Other audiocandy listeners won VIP status by answering trivia question correct during our live show earlier that morning.
VIP Josh (far right)
VIP Scott w/ yofred

IV. audiocandy tats & DJ Mike Perkins

I was not upstairs for all of DJ Mike Perkins set but he pumped some serious house jams. Near the end of his house he started droppin some really cool mash-ups he had personally made. Apparently yofred was not upstairs either, because we do not have any photos of Mike djing. If anyone does and would like to share, comment a link to your photos!

While the dance party was continuing in the attic, I was on a mission to satisfy everyone's wishes for audiocandy tattoos.

One lucky guest won an original audiocandy t-shirt because of her enthusiasm for audiocandy and audiocandy tattoos (the blond on the left)!


DJ Tony Starks (Sterling) brought the crucial dance party.

I think the photos speak for themselves:

(SLANGBANG in the purple)

Thank you to EVERYONE who came out including our wonderful & talented performers who were willing to play for free! The whole event was free and solely a celebration of local music and audiocandy.

Share your photos of the party by commenting links to your photo albums! I'd love to see them. Comment your favorite moments, messages you'd like to tell the performers or suggestions for future parties. Maybe we'll have one more before the end of the semester? Let us know if you'd be down & who/what you'd like to see for round two!

record breaking show

it made me so happy today when some random listener i.m.ed us saying she wanted to hear audiocandy's favorite sunny day song because she was streaming the show live on the quad via her laptop.

we love you, listeners. p.s. we reached our semester goal of 20 listeners at once. thank you!

[key: requests sunnydaysongs]

1. what's a girl to do, bats for lashes
2. my girls, animal collective
3. poke her face, kid cudi ft kanye west & common
4. well known pleasure, VEGA
5. beautiful morning, little brother
6. strangers, portishead
7. golden brown, the strangers
8. heartbeats, the knife
9 .concrete schoolyard, jurassic 5
10. coffee and tv, blur
11. shut your eyes, shout out louds
12. ballad of big nothing, elliott smith
13. 9mm and a three piece suit, streetlight manifesto
14. it's 5, architecture in helsinki
15. fraud in the 80s, mates of state
16. rubber biscuit, the chips
17. les os, the unicorns
18. nothing is going to stand in my way, wilco
19. requiem for OMM, of montreal
[on-air interview with The Lights Out]
20. never going back, lights out
21. you just haven't earned it yet baby, the smiths
22. of moons bird and monsters, MGMT
23. million miles, mirah
24. swimmers, broken social scene
25. postcards from italy, florence and the machine
26. consolation prizes, phoenix
27. cath, deathcab for cutie
28. holland 1945, neutral milk hotel

show #9

12:53 pm: Great show today! We reached our goal of 20 listeners. Keep spreading the word about audiocandy! Maybe we'll have another party before the end of the year. Yofred and I will definitely be at the Lights Out show Saturday, and you should too! We should be live-blogging through out the day as well as taking pictures and capturing audio. Come visit!

12:30 pm: Great talking with Adam & Jesse from The Lights Out. Really great stories about their times at Syracuse during undergrad & how to use social networking tools to promote bands & get gigs. Go check them out for free Saturday! Audiocandy will definitely be in attendance!
Aux Records 5-year Anniversary Party

Free show, all ages, TLO on ~midnight.

Featuring Syracuse alums Jesse James (drums/vocals) & Adam Ritchie (guitar/vocals).

-Acoustic Sets-
Mat Burke - 3:30 pm (25 minute set)
The Pilot Lies - 4:00 pm (25 minute set)
Sarah Aument - 4:40 pm (25 minute set)
Caleb Micah - 5:20 pm (25 minute set)
The Brilliant Light - 6:00 pm (30 minute set)
Break 6:30-8:00 pm DJ set
-Electric Sets-
The Icon And The Axe - 8:00 pm (30 minute set)
Lights Out Dancing - 8:45 pm (25 minute set)
Fazeshift - 9:25 pm (25 minute set)
The Dead Friends - 10:05 pm (25 minute set)
Lacerda - 10:45 (25 minute set)
Honor Bright - 11:25 pm (25 minute set)
+++THE LIGHTS OUT+++ 12:05 pm (25 minute set)
Merit - 12:45 (25 minute set)

Get there early; once they hit the firecode capacity (200), it'll be a one-out then one-in situation.
RSVP to the facebook event!

Become a fan!

12:00 pm: About to talk with Adam & Jess from The Lights Out! Comment any questions you'd like to ask them! or i.m. us @ werw1570!

11:47 am: We reached 20 LISTENERS (our semester goal)! THANKS FOR LISTENING! WE LOVE OUR LISTENERS! We're playing sunny day songs! Let us know what your favorite sunny day song!!

11:27 am: Were you at the audiocandy party last week? Share your favorite moments & stories!

11:23 am: What are you doing tonight!

Check these options out:
11:05 am: The Lights Out are going to play FOR FREE at Funk n Waffles Saturday for the Aux Record 5th Year Anniversary show. Adam & Jesse will be calling in to talk to us about their band and the show @ noon!

Check them out on their MySpace, Twitter and in today's Post-Standard.

Here's the Funk event on Facebook: The Lights Out @ Funk 'N Waffles (Syracuse)

10:51 am: The Knife live in Sweden:

10:13 am: Hip-hop is not audiocandy's area of expertise, but we still enjoy it. Here's a cool "Poker Face" remix with Kid Cudi + Kanye West + Common:

10:04 am: I don't know what happened to Yofred's post about Bats for Lashes. Here's the sick video he had in his entry.

10:00 am: Good morning!

Wow. I'm tired. Late Wednesday night at the bars; the glory of being a senior. But, I did make it a point to get up and stumble over here. I hope Yof brings coffee.

We've got a great show lined-up today: new music, conversaton, an interview with The Lights Out @ noon and hopefully games and contests! Be sure to send your requests in: i.m. werw1570 or call us at 315-443-1278.

Wednesday, April 15

CC: 1. crystal castles, 2: constant chaos

Crystal Castles should stay out of trouble, but it does not really seem like an option given their track record.

Last night in Dallas, CC kicked VEGA from the ticket and eventually canceled their show at the Granada Theater due to an "ill equipped venue." Mind you, the spot has hosted Animal Collective, Ratatat as well as won awards for being the Best Live Music Venue two years in a row.

There's conflicting stories of exactly what happened, but gorillavsbear has nicely packaged all the statements from the involved parties on their blog.

Looks like CC were just being dicks.

Canadians Ethan Kath and Alice Glass have been making (crime)waves through out the indie scene since last year, but their rise has been anything but smooth. Copyright issues surfaced in 2008, attacking the legitimacy of the duo's sample and artwork usage.

CC printed Trevor Brown's black-eyed Madonna image on merchandise without permission, erupting into copyright chaos and the eventual relinquishment of the image's rights to the band.

CC also had a copyright dispute over the use of a entire song--"My Little Droid Needs a Hand" by Lo-bat--in "Insectica," without permission.

Re-visit the whole drama via the "crystal castle fiasco" option (at the bottom) here.

I really dig CC but this makes it hard for me to hype them.

Who do you think was to blame for last night's canceled show?

Tuesday, April 14

yofred, do work

Last night around 12:30 I thought it would be helpful to make Yofred a mixtape to help him through his work.

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