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Thursday, April 30

Lessons (on how to shoot a nude music video) Learned

We played Matt&Kim's newest single "Lessons Learned" on-air and shared the music video on this blog a couple of weeks ago.

For those who missed it, here it is:

I had my reservations about it, questioning if the duo actually stripped down and ran naked through Time Square. I mean, Kim wasn't even smiling! It couldn't have been the real Kim!

Pitchfork cleared the air and talked to Matt, Kim and the video's directors Taylor Cohen and Otto Arsenault to get to the (bare) bottom of this. (Yes, they were completely naked. Oh yeah, it was mid-February too.)

Check out the Q&A here.
"TC: But we did a lot of sweet-talking with the cops there-- if I went to a cop mixer I could probably go home with half the force. While we were shooting we were just like, "We got permits!" and most of the cops backed off. After the take, one cop was genuinely concerned. He was like, "Did I mess up the shot?" The cops in Times Square are really just making sure there are no sketchy vans lining up."

facebook downgrade

Don't you hate it when Facebook messages are delayed so long that your listeners don't get the reminder?

[only one request today in green]

1. like a stone, audioslave
2. stick-on stars, acrylics
3. sleep alone, bat for lashes
4. you are here alone, bellavista
5. physics call me ocean, people people
6. layla, eric clapton
7. happiness, elliott smith

++visit by Mark of Purple Mountain Majesty++

8. masters of the universe, binary star
9. mirrored and reversed, white denim
10. we are the people (golden filter remix), empire of the sun
11. gobbledigook, sigur ros
12. the good life, weezer
13. miami, will smith
14. echoes, the rapture
15. the national anthem, radiohead
16. monkey gone to heaven, the pixies
17. the rip, portishead
18. all is full of love, bjork
19. no one does it like you, department of eagles
20. jellybones, the unicorns

show #11

12:27 pm: I picked up a shift at the Bookstore so I have to run! Thanks for listening. LAST SHOW NEXT WEEK! Be sure to tune in!

12:25 pm: I love Phoenix. I can't wait to finally hear them live! Here's a cool mash-up VIDEO with shots from "The Breakfast Club."

12:06 pm: Here's that Empire of the Sun's We Are The People download! Just right-click "Save Target As." It's fantastic. Remixed by Golden Filter. If you're a MGMT fan, you'll dig it.

12:01 pm:

12:00 pm: Facebook apparently screwed us and didn't send out the message reminder this morning. This calls for the grassroots audiocandy promotion. Tell all your friends via aim! or text audiocandynation!

11:49 am: audiocandy thanks Mark for stopping by and playing for us! If there are any house show before graduation, we'll be sure to let you know about it (and we'll be going)!

Yof and I got haircuts yesterday!

11:04 am: Purple Mountain Majesty is in studio right now! Mark the guitarist is going to play some original and covers! Tune in now! "Along the Watchtower" by Jimi Hendrix, "Dy'er Maker" by Led Zepplin, then an original! or facebook Mark Geyer!

10:22 am: Twitter rules. Get at us @paigedearing & @yofred.

RT: I'm listening to AUDIOCANDY (10am-1pm) & you should too! live stream:

Here's NYT Columnist Maureen Dowd's article w/ twitter & its creators. They apparently answered all of her questions in short concise ways (vaguely reminiscant of some social media thing everyone has going crazy over later right?).

10:13 am: GOOOOOOOOOOD morning! We're in finals weeks, so good luck to all those taking exams and those studying hard. We'll have some great music + a visit by Purple Mountain Majesty to help you get through it.

We just played "Stick-on Stars" by Acrylics. There used to be this store in the mall when I was a kid called Glow that only sold glow-in-the-dark & blacklight products. It went out of business; shocking. haha Did you all see that story about Korean glow-in-the-dark Beagles? I guess they don't actually glow, unless you put them under blacklight. It's still crazy.

Tuesday, April 28

A video that will make you smile.

Playing For Change | Song Around The World "Stand By Me" from Concord Music Group on Vimeo.

A collaborative cover of "Stand by Me" by street musicians from all around the world. Watch the entire thing, its worth it.


Bonnaroo just announced another flood of artists that will be performing at the festival.

Most noteworthy? PHOENIX & the dirty projectors. I've been a phoenix fan for a while now, but I have yet to see them live. I hope they play as much new stuff as they do older songs. There is no way that it will be a bad set.

Here's the full list of new additions:

American Princes
Belleville Outfit
Ben Solee
Black Lillies
Cotton Jones
Dan Dyer
Dear and the Headlights
Dirty Guv'nahs
Dirty Sweet
Erin McCarley
Evan Watson
Fiction Family
Jedd Hughes
Jerry Hannan
Jessica Lea Mayfield
Jets Overhead
Joe Pug
Julia Nunes
Justin Townes Earle
Ki: Theory
Madi Diaz
Mt St Helens Vietnam Band
Nikhil Korula Band
Roger Alan Wade
Russian Circles
Sons of Bill
Tangiers Blues Band
The Features
The Giraffes
The Heavy Pets
Those Darlins
William Elliot Whitmore
Zee Avi

Have you heard of any of them? Any "must-sees"?
I'll try and go through the list tonight & attach some "Sounds Like.." comments.

I have been doing some digging recently and have found a lot new music, so be excited for that Thursday.

PLUS, Purple Mountain Majesty will be visiting the studio for an in-house set and interview! If you're a fan of the Black Keys, you're going to love them. They just posted a new single on their myspace.

Feel free to comment questions you'd like to ask them.