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Friday, March 20

March Madness.

As Paige promised, we are posting our brackets for the NCAA tournament. We just came back from watching the game with everyone else at Chucks and still pretty hyped from the easy Syracuse win. I'm sure the next game will be more of a nail-biting game.

You guessed it: Syracuse will win the tournament. It's not that farfetched considering that the 2003 title was won when Syracuse was a third seed.

Thank you to those who tuned in to our last Audiocandy broadcast, especially SlangBang and Josh Shaw, who have become regular listeners and call us in every Thursday. I would like to encourage everyone to continue to call us (315 443 1278) and request a song to listen to. We've been having a lot of fun doing our radio show and want to thank all our listeners who tune into us on Thursday mornings to listen to us talk and play our music.

Fujiya & Miyagi

Check out this music video from this English band from Fujiya & Miyagi titled "Collarbone". The video incorporates crayon drawings from kindergartners but the subject of the video quickly loses its playful spirit and becomes much more serious than a happy child playing with a ball at a playground with animals. Watch it.

Thursday, March 19

new flyer

look for them around campus, or facebook us to get your hands on a few to pass out to your friends/at parties!

back from break

this was the show of visitors. thanks to katie, zach and kelsey for visiting! huge show next week: special musical guest Pato. [key: request game]

1. blown out, benjy ferree
2. topher's Big Day, the feathertops
3. dance dreams, divide & kreate
4. grindin', pato **on-air next week with audiocandy**
5. mary of the wild moor, pajo
6. golden years, david bowie
7. atlas, battles
8. limit, deichkind
9. we share our mother's health, the knife
10. les ohs, the unicorns
11. for the widows in paradise, sufjans stevens
12. hip hop a lula, junior senior
13. t.rex, wallpaper
14. work it out, jurassic 5
15. could you be loved, bob marley & the wailers
16. sittin' on the dock of the bay, otis redding
17. arc of time, bright eyes
18. time is just a healer, our cat phillip **might play at the audiocandy party in early april**
19. true affection, the blow
20. australia, the shins
21. just a dream (live), mimisun
22. white sky (live), vampire weekend
23. wraith pinned to the mist, of montreal

show #5

1:03 pm: That's our fifth show! Make sure to tune in next week for jams, conversation and a special musical performance by Pato!! More information on the audiocandy party soon; Plan for early April! xoxo, audiocandy

12:54 pm: Vampire Weekend has that kind of Jimmy Buffet sound. My friend Erik at NYU actually refered to them as "horrible indie Jimmy Buffet on crack." I can see some truth in that. Vampire Weekend played "White Sky" on Jimmy Fallon recently; I didn't see it but here's a live performance of the song. Looks like it was maybe at NoisePop a few weeks ago?

12:29 pm: My friend Jason's brother is in a band Our Cat Phillip and they are delightful. They're string-based (banjo and cello and viola) but channel some really catchy indie pop vibes. They need to visit and need to perform on audiocandy. Get some more here.

12:17 pm: Katie requested Ottis Redding's "Sitting on the dock of the bay." Listener Abe just gave us a tip that Oasis' Liam Gallagher is starting his own clothing line? Should be interesting.

12:13 pm: Playing the themed song game! Spring break-style. Request a song for the theme! 315-443-1278, im werw1570 or facebook chat! We started with "Could you be loved" by Bob Marley.

12:05 pm: New Patrick Wolf video:
Patrick Wolf - Vulture

12:00 pm: Listener Josh wanted to reassure people that there is an online outlet to spread vicious rumors anonymously, despite the shutdown of Juicy Campus. Travel back to high school here.

11:30 am: There's a relay for life grilled cheese sale this Friday and Saturday night . $2 a sandwich, 100% of the proceeds towards cancer research!. Check out the facebook event.

11:12 am: Listen to Dan Harp on UMD radio, every Friday night 12am-2am. He said that they usually have 10-15 people in studio and they make fun of drunk people! Great programming!

11:08 am: Pitchfork's Elliott Smith video is finally working!!

11:00 am: Katie is in studio! She has a zine called UglyArt and is looking for submissions of people's horrible attempts to make art. So anything you think belongs in the trash, she wants it. Check out her facebook group. he'd prefer you submit the hard copy of the art, so e-mail her @

10:53 am: March Madness! Yofred and I have our brackets done. We'll post it soon. We'll see how audiocandy matches up to the competition. Obama picked Syracuse to make it to the Elite Eight (aka "Great Eight" to me, because I'm stupid). Yofred said, "Obama is god, so he must be right."

10:35 am: I do not know how we did it, but me and yofred managed to stay awake during Katie's whisper-folk request (we still love you katie). DANCE PARTY COMMENCE.

10:22 am: Pato is going to be playing a show next Friday for a Relay for Life benefit, but is going to be a special musical guest on audiocandy next week! I'll post a profile this week sometime. In the meantime, be sure to check out his myspace. I'll post some more mp3s later this week.

10:07 am: Divide&Kreate comes out with remixes all the time. I put this remix on a dance list, and it's really well-done. Visit his site for new remixes: LET'S GO. TGIT!

10:00 am: Good morning, audiocandy listeners! I hope your spring break was fantastic (or still is for those whom go to school's with breaks during this week). We've got some great events coming up, this weekend and for next week's show, but we'll get into that later. Yofred and I have some catching up to do! Join to convo via 315-443-1278, aim @ werw1570, twitter @ paigedearing or yofred or facebook chat (Paige Dearing, Yofred Moik).

Monday, March 16

We're back!

I have only been gone on spring break for a week, but it feels like I have been away for an eternity. I had a fantastic trip to Palm Beach, Florida for Habitat for Humanity, building houses all day in the warm sunshine and making close friendships with 19 other SU undergrads.

It's weird getting back into the groove, but here's a sick project (mashing-up youtube videos to create songs) to get you back into the swing of things that I found via my former web writing & innovation professor's facebook.

Just a reminder, our next show is THIS THURSDAY, March 19. Be sure to tune in from 10 am - 1 pm!