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Thursday, April 23

when the phone breaks, there's a lot more songs

[key: request off the WERW library]
1. nothing even happened, deerhunter
2. when the night comes, dan auerbach
3. couch couching, menomena
4. lessons learned, matt & kim
5. german love, starfucker
6. untitled, st. vincent
7. tonight, jean on jean
8. hometown, kurtech
9. ACDG (TERP remix), yelle
10. what it look like, spank rock
11. lips, micachu & the shapes
12. two weeks of hip hop, dead prez v grizzly bear
13. we share our mother's health (ratatat remix), the knife
14. australia, the shins
15.send me on my way, rusted root
16. the wreckoning, boomkat
17. break even, the script

18. first day of my life, bright eyes
19. im good im gone, lykke li + special guests
20. crimewave, health (crystal castles cover)
21. radio ladio, metronomy
22. rabbit habits, man man
23. song of our so called friend, okkervil river
24. huddle formation, the go! team
25. deadbeat summer, neon indian
26. glad, glasser
27. rainwater cassette exchange, deerhunter
28. a thousand miles to LA, dj moondance
29. keep hustlin, dj moondance
30. lightning train, sister suvi
31. the last messiah, jenny lewis
32. hard to explain, the strokes
33. xs on your eyes, +/- 34. blue sky, kaiser cartel
35. gimme sympathy, metric
36. feel good about it, marching band
12:55 pm: Listener Brett requested Metric's "Gimme Sympathy," off their latest album Fantasies.

I found this live acoustic version from last year's Coachella.

12:34 pm: There is some sickkkk bass on Jenny Lewis' "The Next Messiah." It's a long song--almost two in one. I think it's definitely my favorite track off of Lewis' newest solo album Acid Tongue.

I adore Jenny Lewis.

12:22 pm: DJ Moondance is a junior as SU. Sick mash-ups. Check out his site.

12:00 pm: We mentioned Mayfest earlier in the broadcast. We celebrated on Tuesday. If you have never experienced a Mayfest, here's what you missed:

Photos courtesy of Dana Wickrowski, on facebook.

11:50 am: Listener Andres asked if this was the "last candy?" Luckily, it is not! We've got a few more shows left. Classes end next Tuesday but we're going to keep going until we go home (or graduate in my case). So keep tuning in every Thursday!

11:43 am: Sweet live video by Lykke Li, "I'm Good, I'm Gone," for Katie (Josh's).

11:28 am: Yofred finds the Shins' lyrics cryptic so I think we should give him his own class. Shin's lyrics 101 with Professor Yof at audiocandy University. Would you enroll?

11:17 am: A lot of indie music fans diss Pitchfork. I personally still read it and consider it a good resource of indie news. Yof said that Metacritic is the best site because it takes all the reviews on the net and uses them to formulate an overall rating on albums, as well as DVDS and games.

11:03 am: Are you on twitter? RT that you're listening:
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10:57 am: We're listening to SPANK ROCK, reppin' Baltimore. "What it look like" is one of his tamer songs. If you're alright with some vulgarity, check out their myspace.

10:51 am: Zach got me craving some French techno? Here's some Yelle. Check out those movessss. TERP remixed it. Zach said Yelle would have never been popular without him.

10:43 am: The phone line is down. Downgrade. But you can still get at us by i.m. werw1570 or facebookchat Paige Dearing or twitter Paige Dearing or yofred.

10:38 am: St. Vincent's new album hasn't dropped yet, but it has been leaked. Yof said she reminds him of Sufjan Stevens & Radiohead sometimes when she sings, like mellow & creepy. Yof also said that he thought that the new album could have been better; she had the same problem with her previous album. The album is split with four good tracks and four alright tracks. If only she could have all eight tracks be stellar! I think she could.

10:23 am: Matt & Kim released a new video "Lessons Learned."

Do you think this is real? I thought it was, but the last frame makes me think it was all posed. What do you think?

10:17 am: We're playing "Cough Coughing" by Menomena. Yofred said I've got to see the video, so I though it'd share it with our listeners too.

10:08 am: Yofred started the show this morning. His class was canceled, so he was able to make it on time! He even started a few minutes earlier. I came into the studio a few minutes before 10 and he already was playing some Deerhunter!

We were just talking about the Flaming Lips. They played a free show at RISD only for students, but Yof was able to sneak in for their encore. The Flaming Lips also played a free show last weekend in celebration of Earth Day on the Mall in D.C. Did anyone go? I'd love to hear how the show was!

Here's a video of that sick bubble Mark Coyne walks across the crowd in:

Wednesday, April 22

Merge Records

Merge Records celebrated its tweintieth anniversary by releasing a compliation of covers, from bands mostly not on the record. There is a collaborative effort from St. Vincent and The National on their cover Sleep all Summer" by Crooked Fingers. Other notable bands covering songs include Bright Eyes, Apples in Stereo, The New Pornographers, The Mountain Goats, The Shins and Ted Leo.

Check out Apples in Stereo's cover of Neutral Milk Hotel's "King of Carrot Flowers Pt.3"

Stream all the songs here

Of Montreal's shows are always entertaining. Glam + costumes + skits on stage.

Man Man's new music video for Rabbit Habits.

Monday, April 20

Lollapalooza 2009

The Lollapalooza line-up just came out.

It is sick.

Probably better than Bonnaroo.

I'm blown. Why does it have to be so far away!

But it is in early August, which is far enough away to save up and go.

Why Lollapalooza OWNS Bonnaroo this year:
pretty much same line-up but w/ Lykke Li, Kings of Leon, No Age, Bats for Lashes, Fleet Foxes, Peter Bjorn and John, LA Riots, Kid Cudi too!

I thought Bonnaroo was going to add more bands?

Lollapalooza Lineup 2009 from C3 Presents Video on Vimeo.

Full Line Up

[***paige's picks***]
[+++yof's picks +++]

And spinning at PERRY'S

Prepare for Mayfest

Tomorrow is the day we've all been waiting for: Mayfest.

For those who don't know what Mayfest is, it is a Tuesday in late April which is free of classes and celebrates student projects and educational initiatives across Syracuse University's campus.

Or a day of drinking and cook-outs.

Here's a mix to get your in the summer mood:

SeeqPod - Playable Search

I'm having a mimosa powerhour party at my place tomorrow morning. Audiocandy fans welcome! Direct message me on Twitter (@paigedearing) for more information. It was the same place the party was at. I made a new powerhour DVD. I will post the track list later, plus a summary of the day.

Sunday, April 19

St. Vincent

St. Vincent's new album "Actor" leaked last week and have evaded my music radar until now. I will be giving this leak a digital spin in a few minutes after it finishes downloading. St. Vincent is one of my favorite female vocalists, and she definitely has very good guitar techniques

"Jesus Saves, I Spend" music video from her first album, Marry Me.

Live performance of "Marrow", which is off their new album.

Im about 4 songs in. This album is impressive. Im absolutely loving the production, its at the perfect balance between being labeled too harsh or clean. She's drawing a lot of contemporary influences like Joanna Newsom and Bjork's poppier stuff. Hey songswriting gives me vibes of Grizzly Bear and her mellow but desperate vocals sometimes remind me of Thom Yorke's. She sings so delicately but is backed by distorted guitars and over-amplified horns, making it chaotically refined.