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Thursday, March 26

party & (no) bullshit

[key: request]
1. party & bullshit, peter bjorn & john vs biggie smalls
2. 1901, phoenix
3. yankee bayonet, the decemberists
4. lights & music, cut copy
5. gatekeeper, feist
6. party & bullshit, ratatat vs biggie smalls
7. i know i know i know, tegan & sara
8. no line on the horizon, u2
9. that's not my name, ting tings (l.a. riot remix)
10. it's in our hands, bjork
11. oh oh oh oh oh oh, say hi
12. i'll believe in anything, wolf parade
13. love me sexy (remix), jackie moon & lil wayne
14. heavy metal drummer, wilco
15. portions for foxes, rilo kiley
16. daft punk is playing at my house, lcd soundsystem
17. how to rob, 50 cent
[Pato's interview & live acoustic set]

show #6

11:13 am: DANCE PARTY. request your fav. upbeat song. 315-443-1278

11:04 am: Pato, our musical guest, is coming in an hour! Don't miss it!!

10:58 am: I'm slacking on blogging today. Sorryyyy. Yof is going to see Jon Stewart next Wednesday. Listener Dara alerted us that Stewart it going to be in Binghamton tomorrow night at the BU events center. Tickets are a little pricey ($32-$47), but probably worth it! More info here.

10:10 am: GOOOOOOD morning audiocandynation. Yofred never fails to surprise me. I swear he told me he wasn't coming in this morning. But he did! Now I know why he got the nickname "The Magician."

Wednesday, March 25

He'll make you dance for the Dance

Only about three things consume my mind during the month of March: springtime, school ending and college basketball.

The recession has complicated my goal of solidifying a post-graduation plan by spring break.

Groundhog's day brought the undesirable news that there would be six more weeks of winter.

But, not all hope is lost. Syracuse Orange are doing work in the NCAA tournament. Big game Friday.

And seeing how audiocandy is a radio show and all, we were challenged to find a way to link music with March Madness. Pato Margetic is the man for the job.

Margetic, 23, is an up-in-coming guitarist scheduled to play at the Final Four in Detriot April 3, 4 and 5. And we have him visiting us in studio tomorrow!

Son to a professional Argentina soccer player, Margetic has been playing and performing music since he was 13, getting his start playing on the streets of Detriot at 16. Since then, he has lived in California, Michigan and Washington, D.C., all in efforts to make connections in the music industry and make albums.

His voice reminds me a little of Maroon 5's Adam Levine sometimes and other times Jason Mraz, but a little darker. If you like a pop-soul voice + guitar, you'll dig him.

He plans to tour this summer.

Audiocandy is going to sit down with Margetic, pick his brain a little and find out a little more about his life and music. He will also be playing a live acoustic set. You don't want to miss this!

Get a little taste on his myspace.

Want to ask him a question? Comment, or call us during tomorrow show @ (315) 443 - 1278.

Tuesday, March 24

Who you should know: Emily Haines

Before my Jenny Lewis infatuation, Emily Haines reigned supreme on my list of indie rock goddesses.

She still ranks pretty high in my book. And rightfully so.

Haines' band Metric has been around for over a decade, gracing airwaves with her recognizable, and sometimes imitated (see: Land of Talk), voice. It only makes sense that a Canadian with such talent would be part of the well-know musical collective that is Broken Social Scene.

I went through a stint freshman year where I played Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? (2003) on repeat, daily. If you have yet to listen to Metric, give this album a try; a similar repetitive reaction will occur for the following four weeks. Pay special attention to "Succexy," "Combat Baby" and "Wet Blanket."

Yofred introduced me to one of Haines' solo albums, which she releases under the name Emily Haines and the Soft Skeleton, and once again my craving for more of her voice surfaced. I did not listen to Knives Don't Have Your Back in quite the same obsessive way I did with her Metric work. The tracks ran at a slow tempo than anything I had heard from her before, but her voice was still there, even a little more haunting (i.e. "Our Hell"). In the end, I prefer Metric Haines.

New material off of Metric's soon-to-be released Fantasties album, due out next month, has been leaking off music blogs since the turn of the new year. And I am a bit disappointed.

I do not want to slam the new album just yet, seeing how I have yet to get it and give it a good long listen, but I have been upset by the things I have heard; Haines does not seem to ooze that slightly-bad-ass edge I thought set her apart, and a large role in why I love her so.

[download Fantasies here]

This morning I saw the official video for "Gimme Sympathy." It does not do anything for me. It sure does not ignite the impulses to dance that "Dead Disco" did three years ago, and continues to do.

You be the judge.

New Metric
"Gimme Sympathy," off of newest album Fantasties

Old Metric
"Dead Disco," off Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?

Which style do you prefer? Am I totally off the mark? Comment.