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Saturday, March 7

A cover that doesnt do the original any justice.

An all-female band known as The Mentalist try to cover MGMT's "Kids" through their iPhones.

Thursday, March 5

spring break hiatus

Next week is spring break, so we won't be in studio.

Be sure to tune in on MARCH 19th for our next show.

Until then, we will be updating the blog still, so continue to stop by!


sarah aument, first musical guest, show #2
josh and zach, visting during show #4
yofred, show #4
paige live-blogging, show #4

will someone please win the contest?

Listenership was a bit low this week, but we'll blame it on early spring break departures and midterm stresses. Here's the play list for those whom missed the show. [key: contest songs, requests]

1. good looks, night control
2. while you wait for others, grizzly bear
3. no one does it like you, department of eagles
4. menisucs, mouth's cradle playing tonight at MAGNET's collabortive art event at SPARK art space
5. in the beginning, k'naan
6. drawer, man man
7. girl on tv, LFO
8. november was white, december was grey, say hi
new album, audiocandy review posted soon
9. parenthesis, the blow
10. the party is crashing us, of montreal
11. where it's at, beck
12. girl inform me, the shins
13. electric feel, mgmt
14. i wanna hold your hand, the beatles identified by kristine of derwood, md.
15. needle in the hay, elliott smith
16.eraser, no age
17. elephant gun, beirut
18. natalie, the freddie long band
19. the moon, the microphones
20. the last messiah, jenny lewis
21. tommy's still a douchebag, the real black sheep
22. brexxbaxx, land of talk
23. meet me in the garden, deny may playing next tuesday w/ A.C. Newman @ castaways in ithaca
24. two prices, the spin doctors
25. let go, imogen heap
26. i'm so paid, akon ft. lil wayne and young jeezy
27. bring it out, t.i.

show #4

12:39 pm: Prank Wars 7:

12:28 pm: Real Black Sheep's radio debut, Tommy's Still a Douchebag.
Tommy's Still a Douchebag

12:00 pm: Josh Shaw is here until the end of the show and he brought Freddie Long Band, from Frederick, Md. Kind of Counting Crowes-esque. Check out this website here.

11:58 am: Josh has a riveting blog post about pasta.

11:46 am: No Age played at NoisePop last week. We were just talking about how a lot of artists are beginning to design their cover art to cater to the rising popularity of the cover flow option on iPods and iTunes. No Age's Nouns cover definitely plays to that, with simple graphics.

Listener Dan makes a great point that records have been getting more attention because people still do like cover art. Do you judge albums on cover art?

11:28 am: Kristine got "I Want to Hold Your Hand" by The Beatles, but she is listening from Maryland so she put the tickets back up for grabs. Last song in the contest! If you know it, call us up 315-443-1278

11:23 am: "Electric Feel" by MGMT is a giveaway. I'm thinking our listeners either have plans tonight, are leaving for spring break or live in another state.

11:18 am: "Where it's At" by Beck. No winner yet so you still have a chance at those two tickets! Call us if you know what the current song is and who it is by!

11:12 am: "The Party is Crashing Us"by of Montreal stumped our listeners! New contest song playing right now. Call in if you know who it is and what the name of the song is!

11:06 am: "Parentheses" by The Blow must have been too hard. First caller to identify the current song wins the contest!

11:00 am: We're playing our contest song! If you know it, call us at 315-443-1278 and you could win two free tickets to the SPARK event tonight!

10:38 am: Anonymous readers get heated on my personal blog.

10:37 am: SPARK is having a sick collaboration art show, featuring live art, film and music (Native Informant, Sarah Aument, Mouth's Cradle & Dan Creehan's project). $5 a ticket, starts at 7pm. We're going to be giving away a pair of tickets to a lucky contest winner in a little bit, so be sure to keep listening.

10:20 am: Ed is also in Department of Eagles. You could have probably told me that given the vocals.

10:13 am: New Grizzly Bear! My favorite track: While You Wait for Others

Monday, March 2

Veckatimest, Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear made a name for themselves as the indie paradigm for creative vocals; credit due not just to the lead singer Edward Droste but also to the harmonic contributions made by the other three members. The band's third full-length album Veckatimest (out 5/26/09, Warp Records) sounds like they will be continuing their reign as vocal authorities in the scene, but their influence might not stop there. The new album tackles a wide range of musical styles, pushing indie rock to new heights. I mean, what other band solicits the help of an orchestra for their album, and does it in a way that complements their existing style?
  1. Southern Point—jazzy feel: solid keys, percussion & guitar
  2. Two Weeks—classic Grizz
  3. All We Ask—delightful
  4. Fine for Now—very Fleet Fox-y
  5. Cheerleader—think de-saturated beach boys
  6. Dory—really nice play between vocals & instrumental, psychedelic
  7. Ready, Able—becomes something about 2 minutes in, really need those keys
  8. About Face—springtime bike ride song, nice woodwinds
  9. Hold Still
  10. While You Wait for the Others—favorite track
  11. I live With You—epic
  12. Foreground
I adore the album, especially for spring. I think that my love will only cultivate with each hour I take listening to it, start to finish. Definitely owned up to the follow-to-Yellow-House pressure ; I dig it.

Rating: A-

We'll be playing some tracks off the album Thursday. Comment which one you'd like to hear!

[Read up on the album via Pitchfork's interview with Droste]

can't stop the attraction

MAGNET Art Collective presents a music/art/film extragavanza THIS thursday at SPARK art space (E. Fayette & S. Crouse).

Enter a world of interactive art, film exhibits and live music, all for just $5.

Performances by Native Informant, Sarah Aument, Mouth's Cradle and Dan Creahan's project + films by SU students + live art & other displays.

Audiocandy will be giving away two free entrance passes on this week's show, so be sure to listen in for the contest so you go with a friend or date that night for free!

Doors @ 7 pm.

Facebook event.

Sunday, March 1


Metronomy 'Radio Ladio' from Matt Dollings on Vimeo.

I think this band is unique, energetic, and most importantly, downright hilarious. I love this music video as well - pay extra attention to their facial expressions when you watch it.

For this week's Audiocandy show, we are teaming up with guest broadcaster Katie Schuering, founder of Ugly Art. Also, once again, I would like to thank those listeners that make it routine to tune into us on Thursday morning. Keep listening to us and make sure to call to answer trivia questions and win a prize.