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Thursday, April 30

facebook downgrade

Don't you hate it when Facebook messages are delayed so long that your listeners don't get the reminder?

[only one request today in green]

1. like a stone, audioslave
2. stick-on stars, acrylics
3. sleep alone, bat for lashes
4. you are here alone, bellavista
5. physics call me ocean, people people
6. layla, eric clapton
7. happiness, elliott smith

++visit by Mark of Purple Mountain Majesty++

8. masters of the universe, binary star
9. mirrored and reversed, white denim
10. we are the people (golden filter remix), empire of the sun
11. gobbledigook, sigur ros
12. the good life, weezer
13. miami, will smith
14. echoes, the rapture
15. the national anthem, radiohead
16. monkey gone to heaven, the pixies
17. the rip, portishead
18. all is full of love, bjork
19. no one does it like you, department of eagles
20. jellybones, the unicorns

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