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Thursday, April 30

show #11

12:27 pm: I picked up a shift at the Bookstore so I have to run! Thanks for listening. LAST SHOW NEXT WEEK! Be sure to tune in!

12:25 pm: I love Phoenix. I can't wait to finally hear them live! Here's a cool mash-up VIDEO with shots from "The Breakfast Club."

12:06 pm: Here's that Empire of the Sun's We Are The People download! Just right-click "Save Target As." It's fantastic. Remixed by Golden Filter. If you're a MGMT fan, you'll dig it.

12:01 pm:

12:00 pm: Facebook apparently screwed us and didn't send out the message reminder this morning. This calls for the grassroots audiocandy promotion. Tell all your friends via aim! or text audiocandynation!

11:49 am: audiocandy thanks Mark for stopping by and playing for us! If there are any house show before graduation, we'll be sure to let you know about it (and we'll be going)!

Yof and I got haircuts yesterday!

11:04 am: Purple Mountain Majesty is in studio right now! Mark the guitarist is going to play some original and covers! Tune in now! "Along the Watchtower" by Jimi Hendrix, "Dy'er Maker" by Led Zepplin, then an original! or facebook Mark Geyer!

10:22 am: Twitter rules. Get at us @paigedearing & @yofred.

RT: I'm listening to AUDIOCANDY (10am-1pm) & you should too! live stream:

Here's NYT Columnist Maureen Dowd's article w/ twitter & its creators. They apparently answered all of her questions in short concise ways (vaguely reminiscant of some social media thing everyone has going crazy over later right?).

10:13 am: GOOOOOOOOOOD morning! We're in finals weeks, so good luck to all those taking exams and those studying hard. We'll have some great music + a visit by Purple Mountain Majesty to help you get through it.

We just played "Stick-on Stars" by Acrylics. There used to be this store in the mall when I was a kid called Glow that only sold glow-in-the-dark & blacklight products. It went out of business; shocking. haha Did you all see that story about Korean glow-in-the-dark Beagles? I guess they don't actually glow, unless you put them under blacklight. It's still crazy.

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