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Thursday, April 30

Lessons (on how to shoot a nude music video) Learned

We played Matt&Kim's newest single "Lessons Learned" on-air and shared the music video on this blog a couple of weeks ago.

For those who missed it, here it is:

I had my reservations about it, questioning if the duo actually stripped down and ran naked through Time Square. I mean, Kim wasn't even smiling! It couldn't have been the real Kim!

Pitchfork cleared the air and talked to Matt, Kim and the video's directors Taylor Cohen and Otto Arsenault to get to the (bare) bottom of this. (Yes, they were completely naked. Oh yeah, it was mid-February too.)

Check out the Q&A here.
"TC: But we did a lot of sweet-talking with the cops there-- if I went to a cop mixer I could probably go home with half the force. While we were shooting we were just like, "We got permits!" and most of the cops backed off. After the take, one cop was genuinely concerned. He was like, "Did I mess up the shot?" The cops in Times Square are really just making sure there are no sketchy vans lining up."

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